Giving Back

John Ritenour in the Community

Born and raised in a low-income neighborhood outside of Pittsburgh, John Ritenour understands what life is like for the less fortunate. That’s why he makes it a priority to give back to members of his community, using his well-earned success to benefit those in need.

“I’ve been so blessed both financially and with the people surrounding me, and I haven’t forgotten where I came from,” says Ritenour. “It’s so important to give back. The best things I’ve ever done in my life were about giving back to people.”

It’s the same mindset that encouraged Ritenour to make a difference with his own charitable efforts –– specifically, the IOA Corporate 5k. Dubbed as “Orlando’s largest office party,” the IOA Corporate 5k is a fun-filled event that garners much-needed resources for greater causes in central Florida.

John Ritenour and the IOA Corporate 5k

IOA teamed up with Track Shack Events, a sister company to Track Shack of Orlando, as an affiliate for the organization’s community 5k in 1995, became a sponsor in 2000, and has continued to play a large part in the event each year since. Now known as the IOA Corporate 5k, this run/walk has grown to become the largest 5k event in Florida. Designed to bring local businesses together for a fun, fit team-building opportunity, the 3.1 mile run and walk also strengthens the community by gathering food donations and funds for charities in the area. To provide even more support to the community, IOA not only sponsors but also currently titles the 5k.

Each year, proceeds from the race are donated to benefit a neighboring nonprofit. Since the race began over 25 years ago, John Ritenour and the IOA team have helped to support countless organizations in the Central Florida region, such as:

  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida
  • Christian Service Center
  • Track Shack Youth Foundation

John Ritenour’s Community Legacy

Now, the 5k includes hundreds of corporate teams and thousands of participants that come together to provide tens of thousands of meals to families in Central Florida. Runners can sign up individually or as part of their corporate team, and both for-profit and nonprofit organizations can create a participating group.

Every participant in the race receives food and drink vouchers to stay hydrated and energized throughout the event. And to make the race, even more, fun for runners, joggers, and walkers, the 5k hosts event contests including:

  • Top Fundraiser Spoon Award
  • Best T-shirt Design Contest
  • Workplace Wellness Award
  • Team Spirit Award

Just like the race itself has expanded and transformed over the years, John Ritenour’s role in the 5k has changed over the years as well. While most of the work Ritenour currently does for the 5k is behind the scenes, his legacy in the community lives on through each annual run titled by IOA.