The Life of John Ritenour

He’s most famously known for co-founding Insurance Office of America (IOA), a full-service, international insurance agency based in Longwood, Florida. But, John Ritenour’s story is so much more than professional achievements.

  • 1950s: John Ritenour is born and raised in McKeesport, PA.
  • 1960s: John Ritenour attends high school, where he meets his wife, Valli. Soon after graduating, he starts working at a local steel mill.
  • Early 1970s: John Ritenour’s older brother offers him a job working at his bakery business.
  • 1973: John and Valli get married.
  • Mid-1970s: John Ritenour leaves the bakery and starts working as an insurance salesman.
  • 1976: John Ritenour and his wife, Valli, celebrate the birth of their son, Heath.
  • Late 1970s/Early 1980s: The Ritenours start their own insurance business.
  • Mid-1980s: The Ritenours move to central Florida to find new personal and professional opportunities.
  • Late 1980s: John Ritenour coaches his son in basketball, football, and baseball –– all while juggling the role of entrepreneur and business owner.
  • 1988: John and Valli co-found Insurance Office of Florida (IOF), which is now known as Insurance Office of America (IOA).
  • 1990s: John Ritenour lets his son join IOA as a summer intern and eventually hires him on full-time.
  • 2000s: John Ritenour becomes a grandfather and names son, Heath, as chief executive officer of IOA.
  • 2018: John Ritenour resigns as chairman of IOA to focus more time on charity work in the community, practice on the golf course, and spend quality time with his grandchildren.
  • 2020: John Ritenour started a blog.