How to Stay Updated on Business News?

With information at our fingertips in a way it has never been before, it can be both exhilarating and overwhelming to have access to so much information at the same time.  When trying to stay up to date with the latest business news, it’s important to focus on key details and information for the best results.

Social Media

Social Media is a force to be reckoned with and definitely the first place people seek information in live time. To use social media as a source of information for business news, be sure to be following the right companies, news organizations, world leaders, business entrepreneurs, and periodicals. Control the settings and notifications to see the information first and notify when current events are happening live. Some people are creating personal social media accounts that are separate from their business accounts. They use the business accounts to specifically follow trends in their industry, stock markets, and world news and keep it separate from their personal accounts and news feeds that could be filled with personal opinions, puppies, and prank videos.


News apps are also a great source of information. All major news organizations have their own apps that can be customized to fit the user’s needs. The apps’ settings can often include keywords, so a notification can be sent when certain words are in news reports. Downloading a news aggregation app is another useful tool for getting the business news fast and in an easy to read format. These are personal to the reader as the choices in topics and news sources customize the page. The relevancy of the news presented increases with use as the app learns the reader’s habits and interests.

Websites and Search Engines

If scrolling through news feeds and managing apps is not preferred, go directly to the source. News websites report and update information in record time, and like search engines, notifications, and setting keywords to get alerts and emails is an easy way to stay informed. News tickers are also an option for real-time breaking news. These can be downloaded and will run news headlines across the top or bottom of the screen. They can be customized to a certain type of news and allow the reader to view headlines while working on other tasks passively. When interested in a story, a simple click will connect directly to the article.

Print and Digital Publications

Whether digital or actual hardcopy, there are a variety of subscription-based magazines and periodicals.  Although these aren’t as fast as the news reports are seen in real-time on internet-based platforms, there is still a wealth of business information shared through these formats. Some will always prefer holding and reading “the paper” to reading their digital device.

Podcasts and News Radio

Another way to get business news is to listen to podcasts or national news radio. This option appeals to many people on-the-go as a variety of other tasks that can be completed while engaged in listening to business news. Choose shows that focus on industry trends, building opportunities, and new ideas, or seek out shows to learn more about a topic or something new to help make business decisions, both personally and professionally.

Personal Industry Blogs and Newsletters

If you seek business news for a particular industry, try bookmarking industry insiders’ and business leaders’ blog pages. For instance, Insurance Office of America (IOA) Chairman and CEO Heath Ritenour started personal and professional blogs for both himself and his father, IOA co-founder John Ritenour, to provide transparency and insurance company insight.

Those hungry for more specific industry information can also subscribe to company newsletters to receive a daily email blast of current business news and trending topics.