What Is the Best Business To Start Amidst COVID-19?

Despite living amidst a global pandemic, people all over the world are finding new and exciting ways to reinvent themselves and start a new business. As millions were forced into quarantine and thousands furloughed from lifelong careers, people found themselves making tough financial decisions. People everywhere began thinking outside the box and created new opportunities for themselves.

Start Simple: Cash in on a Demand!

The first critical need during this time was simple for crafty entrepreneurs, stylish protection in the form of face masks! Everyone who could read a pattern and sew a straight line began to cash in on this high demand item. This demand is continuing, with designer companies also cashing in as the need for face masks does not seem to be going away. People of all ages have begun to accessorize with their face masks and the personalization of face masks is taking off. Companies that make custom shirts and other products can now offer a new high demand item for purchase. As some people stick with the face mask market, others take the idea even further with the creation of personal sanitation boxes that can include hand sanitizer, scented wipes, and travel-size cleaning supplies.

Do What You Love and Love To Get Paid for It

People are putting their skills to work and finally doing what they love! E-commerce is an easy way to get a new home business started. Sites like Etsy, Handmade at Amazon, and Cratejoy have seen an increase in sellers since COVID-19 has closed traditional storefronts. Selling homemade products online has many perks. People are able to create things they are passionate about on their own schedule and can quickly change products or make adjustments when needed. From jewelry, art, home decor, handmade soaps, and beauty products to unique toys and gifts, there is room for everyone to get in the online selling game.

If what you love looks a little different than crafting and creating or picking and flipping, there are still opportunities for you to make money from it. Fans of golf or frequenters of their local country clubs, for example, might be interested in pursuing a career in caddying. Start by searching for caddying jobs at nearby courses or volunteering at golf events in your area. Who knows, your love for the game might one day help you decide to co-own your own club, like Insurance Office of America’s (IOA) John Ritenour — a principal owner of the Alaqua Country Club.

Do What You Know and Spread the Word

Once quarantines began going into effect, the shift from working in the office to working from home was fast and necessary and employers and employees had to make adjustments at lightning speed. For some, making this transition was less challenging and they are now finding ways to cash in on their expertise by helping train others. Consultation and corporate training have become sought-after as the need for many companies to have the technical expertise to accommodate the switch to virtual meetings are becoming more apparent. Many have been able to turn their skills into money by creating training programs and becoming experts in navigating the virtual business management experience.

Drop and Go Delivery Services

Prior to the pandemic, delivery services were picking up momentum. Now, there is a definite need and demand for these services. People at home are ordering groceries more than ever before and shoppers are needed. Major companies are in need of experienced drivers to deliver their products in a timely manner. This idea can be developed into a local business for other high commodity items. Getting to know what the community needs and meeting those delivery needs is the way to go.

Fitness Can Get Your Finances Across the Finish Line

As gyms across the country are closing at exponential rates, people are taking their skills to the next level by starting their own fitness and nutrition businesses. Online classes and unique fitness experiences are necessary to fight the isolation and depression many are feeling without the social interaction and adrenaline rush of being at the gym. Personal trainers and fitness experts can find new ways to market their skills and provide services virtually to get the same results.

Kids and Pets: the Absolute Money Maker!

Due to quarantines, families everywhere have been trapped inside with their kids for months and are running out of ways to entertain their children. Any business idea that will pique the interest of a tired mom looking for 20 minutes of silence is a winner. Content creators who can produce online games, interactive classes, arts and crafts boxes, virtual experiences, and live online entertainment such as puppet shows and sing-alongs can gain fast followings online which they can then monetize.

Pet adoption has also risen to an all-time high over the last several months — a fact that can be taken advantage of because pet parents love spending money on their four-legged friends! Creating, selling, and delivering unique pet treats, starting a pet walking service, or offering virtual training sessions are all ways to put more cash in your pocket.

If you’re looking for a new career or a way to supplement your income, any one of the above ideas is worth a try.